The three paintings to the right are all painted using open
acrylics on sq linen board and are 30x30cms. The first is of a
very friendly chaffinch on Holy Isle off the coast of Arran.
The second is a magical sunset on the river in putney with the lights of Craven Cottage just beginning to show and the third is the lime avenue in
wandsworth park as the leaves turn.
Ever since I learnt to snorkel I have been drawn to the
undersea world.
It is a fragile place that needs protecting so that the wrong sort
of fishing does not scrape bare the young corals where the
juvenile fish,clams and sea life flourish.

Recent work has been focused on Marine life in Lamlash Bay

in Scotland and the Camel Estuary in Cornwall.

I have made the drawing on this page into a tea towel. 

I often work on the same subject in different media.
These include crayon, pastel, pen and ink, watercolour,
acrylic and oil. To see more please click on the gallery
button above.

'l'arte e scoprire la vita con gli occhi meravigliati di un bambino'

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